My sensitive skin is a problem I’ve had since I was young. The trials and tribulations of recurrent breakouts in high school made me realize just how easily my skin would react to absolutely anything. My battle with sensitive and greasy skin has been challenging, but for quite some time now, I’ve received encouraging feedback concerning my acne and the overall quality of my skin.


About 2 years ago, I was prescribed Benzaclin for my skin. This is a topical antibiotic and antibacterial used to treat acne; a rare treasure that has been working well for me. I have been exposed to many other products such as Aloe vera gels, Neutrogena, Proactive and masking cream but they frustrated me because they didn’t seem to do the job. However, once I started using Benzaclin, I experienced fewer breakouts and I felt more comfortable in my skin. This result allowed me to understand my skin better, engage in conversations and create a bond with others whom were experiencing similar problems.

Creative Direction: Ubuntu Talks
Photography: Kirubel Mehari
Videography: Jackie Batsinduka