Anaïs, you’d look amazing if you had cute little boobs


You should do sit-ups to flatten your belly

  • The term ‘body policing’ can be described as “the informal practice of policing one's physical appearance because it does not conform to social norms, or is not deemed appropriate for a particular setting.” This act is experienced by both men and women, and it reflects the ways that society views our bodies. Body policing has negative impacts on our society because it makes us feel as though we do not have power over our own bodies; We cannot dress and look the way we want. Rather, we must live within the set norms and abide to the rules of society. Resisting the pressures of conforming to the norm requires amounts of confidence and self-love. This results in people with individual styles and appearances, who understand, love and respect themselves

    This page features individuals who have worked, and continue to work, against negative and controlling comments of body policing.

    Creative Direction: Ubuntu Talks

    Photography: Kirubel Mehari


God wouldn’t want you to wear that


Your lips are too big to wear lipstick


Cover up! Your body might make customers uncomfortable