A Lot And Nothing

It’s a Girl
January 4, 2018
Hanging Half Alive
January 5, 2018

A Lot And Nothing

I’ve met the most prestigious people in college campuses, university halls, lecture days un-obligatory meetings who have never thought about death I’m nauseous when I think about sharing the same room, breathing the same particles of air, loving the oxygen in between our bodies with those who haven’t considered who haven’t even dreamed! of what it means to be dead! to swim in coldness, in question marks.

Who are you if you haven’t thought about how Unquestionable death will be?
how thrilling the final chapter will be? the big bang to everyone’s downfall? don’t you love it? to find all our little bodies trembling silently, and immobilized the Fattest Cats and the smallest littlest dreams all end the same we end up cuddling in the same craddle we live in scorn, and die in a love we deem Unimaginable.

–  Savannah

Illustration by Niti Mueth