Ubuntu Talks is a platform that shares the stories and experiences of black individuals.

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CROWNING explores the symbolism and histories that are delicately tied into the folds of head wraps. This project recognizes these cloths as emblems that have been present on the heads of black people throughout history.


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This piece is for all the times we’ve ignored the little voice inside of us telling us to leave. I know it’s hard, but let’s support each other, so that we don’t settle for relationships with people who can’t see the gems we truly are.



Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emechata

A poignant story of a resourceful Nigerian woman who overcomes strict tribal domination of women and countless setbacks to achieve an independent life for herself and her children.

  • Ubuntu is an ancient African philosophy that involves compassion, human virtue and community. Loosely translated, it means:

    "I am what I am, because of who we are"

    Ubuntu Talks is a space where we may practice the philosophy of Ubuntu. This is a platform that strives to create positive representations of black bodies in the media. In an effort to challenge existing negative representations of black bodies circulated in the media, Ubuntu Talks also showcases and celebrates these black bodies by exploring various identities and sharing people’s experiences with the world. The content on this platform includes videos, written text, book recommendations and art.

    "By giving everyday people this platform, I hope to break down this mystification and exoticization of black communities." - Chelsy Monie, Founder of Ubuntu Talks
  • The term ‘body policing’ can be described as “the informal practice of policing one's physical appearance because it does not conform to social norms, or is not deemed appropriate for a particular setting.” This act is experienced by both men and women, and it reflects the ways that society views our bodies. Body policing has negative impacts on our society because it makes us feel as though we do not have power over our own bodies; We cannot dress and look the way we want. Rather, we must live within the set norms and abide to the rules of society. Resisting the pressures of conforming to the norm requires amounts of confidence and self-love. This results in people with individual styles and appearances, who understand, love and respect themselves

    This page features individuals who have worked, and continue to work, against negative and controlling comments of body policing.

    Creative Direction: Ubuntu Talks

    Photography: Kirubel Mehari


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